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About Toothnotes

Our story

A passion for dentistry

Dr. Blake, the founder of Toothnotes, is a pioneering figure in dentistry. His innovative contributions have reshaped dental education and patient care. Dr. Blake's passion for dentistry and technology integration has earned him widespread recognition in the dental community.

Updating notes

Driven by a desire to address the challenges of dental education, Dr. Blake founded Toothnotes. This platform serves as a bridge between traditional education and modern technology, offering convenient access to up-to-date resources for dental professionals worldwide.

Educating the public

Through Toothnotes, Dr. Blake provides a diverse range of education resources, including online courses, webinars, and articles. His visionary leadership has positioned Toothnotes as a leading platform for Dentists, empowering practitioners to enhance their skills and improve patient care.

Humanitarian focused

Dr. Blake uses proceeds from Toothnotes to fund humanitarian dentistry trips, providing essential dental care to underserved communities worldwide. His commitment to these efforts reflects a profound sense of social responsibility and underscores his mission to make a positive impact beyond dentistry,.

Career and Highlights

• Graduate from The University of Southern California School of Dentistry
• Owner of cosmetic dental practice
• Aesthetic & Orthodontic dentistry mentor
• International humanitarian volunteer
• Carrington College faculty member