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Writing Dental Notes is Easy

Getting Started Writing Dental Notes!

  • Register and Create an Account with Toothnotes
  • Answer some questions about the materials you use and personnel in the office. Anyone in the office familiar with what materials you use can do this!
  • Begin Using Toothnotes
  • Update and Edit Your Template as materials or personnel change

Why Use Toothnotes?

Quality You Can Count On

Our service includes a customized and comprehensive approach to saving you time and money. Toothnotes is easy to use and friendly to some of our least experienced computer users. Your chart notes that you create using Toothnotes will be comprehensive, accurate, and will help ensure you’re getting paid for all of the dental treatment that you’re completing. You’re sure to have a happier and more productive Dental Team with all the time you’ll be saving.  We offer a variety of excellent options that are customized to best meet your situation.

Delegation You Can Trust

Toothnotes is powerful tool that will empower the entire office to help you in a way that was previously impossible. By providing the right tool you’ll ensure their success and fulfillment.

Save Time

Our goal at Toothnotes is to help free up your important time. Each chart note should take less than 1 minute to complete using your customized and interactive note templates.

Sleep Easy With Toothnotes

Knowing that each procedure is accurately and properly documented will bring peace of mind. There are so many elements to running a successful office. Reducing your stress is paramount in your success.

Increase Insurance Reimbursement Rates

Providing insurance companies with accurate and comprehensive treatment notes will help provide the necessary justification for compensation. In addition, using our CDT Code Generator you’ll know which codes you should be compensated for.

The solution is simple with Toothnotes. Take advantage of our affordable Plans and start saving time and money today. You'll be glad you did!

Our on-boarding process is simple and is designed to enable anyone in the office to get started.

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