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Many dentists worry about the quality of their dental notes. Do you worry about yours?

Toothnotes can help! With proper documentation you can rest easy. We help your entire team create dental notes that are Thorough, Accurate, and Easy.

User Friendly Software integrates with any practice management software

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We understand you are busy! Toothnotes can help you create quality notes in less than 1 minute. Our User-Friendly Software integrates with any practice management software.

Help ensure insurance companies do not deny your dental claims

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Did you know that some insurance companies will deny dental claims with improper documentation? Toothnotes not only will help you know HOW to document, but we’ll also remind you WHAT you should include.

Create Your Notes FAST!

Toothnotes helps you create Dental Notes of all procedure types.

Filling dental note


Bridge dental note


Comprehensive, Periodic, Limited, and Palliative exam notes


Removable dentures notes


Dental extraction notes


Dentist Endo notes


Tooth Implant notes


Orthodontic ClearAligner and Braces Notes


Dental Notes


Pedo Child Prophy Notes


Dentist Radiograph Note


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Don't worry about litigation and malpractice lawsuits

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Knowing that each procedure is
accurately and properly documented will bring peace of mind. There are so many elements to running a successful office. Reducing your stress is paramount in your success.

Empower your delegating to assistants and hygienists

Delegation You
Can Trust.

Toothnotes is powerful tool that will
empower the entire office to help you in a way that was previously impossible. By providing the right tool you’ll ensure their success and fulfillment.

Save time writing dental notes


Our goal at Toothnotes is to help free up your important time. Each chart note should take less than 1 minute to
complete using your customized and interactive note templates.

What is Informed Consent

What Is Informed Consent?

How Important Is Informed Consent? Without It, Do Not Perform Treatment; It’s That Important. Toothnotes Provides Some Important Considerations When Obtaining Proper Informed Consent.

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What People Say About Us

Jessica, RDA - Accurately chart quickly
Jessica, RDA
Georgia, RDH - My notes are now more detailed
Georgia, RDH
Morgan, RDH - It seriously saves me so much time during the day!
Morgan, RDH
Alexis, RDH - Toothnotes is user friendly and saves time
Alexis, RDH
Dr Brian, DDS - Not only does it save time, the notes are detailed and thorough
Dr. Brian, DDS
Emma, RDA - Now you can leave work on time!
Emma, RDA